Acceleradiant is the first Level in the Vee's Next Pack for Open Hexagon. As of version 2.0, it is now the third Level in the Hypercube pack. Its music is Be Gawne Mr. Gawne by Bossfight, at the 18, 42, and 90-second marks.

Gameplay Edit

Acceleradiant will change between 5 and 7 sides on the level increment, which happens every 15 seconds. The level consists of three patterns, pACBarrage(), pACBarrageMulti(), and pACBarrageMultiAltDir(). In addition, then rotation direction of the level will periodically change and the speed of the level's color changing will gradually increase as time progresses.

The patterns of the level mainly utilize Open Hexagon's support of walls that have indepentant velocities from other walls, internally referred to as 'wallSAcc()'. Other uses of a wallSAcc() can be found in the level Polyhedrug.

As of V2.0, the Swap feature will be enabled if the difficulty is modified above 1.4X, as the wallSAcc()'s speed and acceleration speed depend on the stage's normal speed for a base value. However, level increment will not be disabled under any difficulty changes.