Double Spiral
The Double Spiral is a relatively simple pattern in Super Hexagon and earlier versions of Open Hexagon involving two mirrored spirals. In Super Hexagon, it is featured in Hyper HexagonerHexagonest and Hyper Hexagonest. In Open Hexagon, it previously appeared in every Level except Baby Steps and More Baby Steps, but it is now rarer, only appearing in harder Levels. It involves turning 360 degrees in the required direction (usually clockwise). Generally, only entering it is hard, as it can be completed simply by holding the required arrow key. However, it can make the subsequent pattern much harder, depending on its positioning.

In Open Hexagon's code, its label is pMirrorSpiral.


Double Spiral Hexagonest

On Hexagonest.

In-game, the Double Spiral is one of the easier patterns to master. It appears on most Levels, and can provide a brief but wonderful relief due to its relative simplicity (merely requiring a single key hold to complete). As mentioned previously, however, if its positioning is detrimental for the pattern after, then it can cause problems.