To the world of Dunderpatrullen, your new chippylectric friends from Sweden. Four guys that just want to have plain fun as a band, as a team or whatever you feel to call it.
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Dunderpatrullen Members

Jim, Stefan, Patrik and Erik.

Dunderpatrullen is a Swedish electronic four-man band from Östersund specializing in retro-style music. Much of their music is inspired by older Nintendo series such as Zelda and Super Mario Bros., whose popularity have given the band a highly loyal fanbase.

Dunderpatrullen co-operated with Bossfight to compose two tracks in Open Hexagon.


  • Jim Lindgren (2007-present)
  • Stefan Björn (2007-present)
  • Patrik Andersson (2010-present)
  • Erik Sjöstrand (2013-present)