Labyrinth V1.92


Labyrinth V2.0


Labyrinth is the second of the two Levels in the Vee's Endurance pack of Open Hexagon. Its music is Commando Steve by Bossfight, at the 61 and 88-second marks, like Commando.


Labyrinth begins as a triangle, with three (intended) seconds; it is actually closer to seven. "C" shapes will fall on the player, leaving only one gap each. Square is extremely short as well, lasting only three seconds instead of the five stated seconds. After that, each level up causes an increase in the number of sides by one, and the number of seconds by two.



  • The triangle and square sections of Labyrinth are flawed, as the latter is undeniably shorter, contradicting the timer displayed on each of the sections. This is most likely a bug in the game timer.
  • Labyrinth shares all of its music data with Commando, labelled as commandoSteve.