Open Hexagon Title
Open Hexagon is a free, downloadable, open-source game based on Super Hexagon, developed by Vittorio Romero. It runs on the JSON and Lua scripting languages, allowing custom Levels and modifications to be developed and shared among the community and through the internet.

Differences From Super HexagonEdit

  • Open source coding.
  • Different patterns.
  • Different generation of 3-dimensional effects in gameplay.
  • Pulse parameters.
  • A greater variety of central shapes.
  • A level pack system to categorise Levels.
  • Music by Bossfight (for official Levels) instead of Chipzel.


Main Article: Open Hexagon/Patterns

Open Hexagon features a wide range of obstacles and patterns, many of which are based off Super Hexagon's pool. Some were custom-made for specific levels, with a small number designed extremely intricately, one notable example being in Pi.

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