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Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow

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Jack Russel

Pointless is the first non-tutorial Level in Open Hexagon. It is the successor of Baby Steps (as well as More Baby Steps) and the predecessor to Flattering Shape.


Being the first proper Level, Pointless is also the easiest. It is mainly intended for beginners, although the pulsing can throw inexperienced players off. It bears visual resemblance to Hexagonest, despite the two being very different in order and difficulty. Pointless is initially very easy (hence its name, as it can be considered pointless to play). The only problems that could make it hard to survive on are the pulsing and the abrupt shape changes, which may get the player stuck in an impossible situation on the Double Spiral on five sides. As with all Levels, Pointless gets faster with time, though this is more prominent here than with inherently fast Levels due to its nature. It also has the highest difficulty multiplier of any Level, at 3X; as of V2.0, it is mandatory to use this multiplier to enable the Swap function.

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