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Polyhedrug is the third and final Level in the Vee's Next pack of Open Hexagon (and the seventh in the Hypercube pack as of V2.0). Its music is Johnny Derp by Dunderpatrullen vs. Bossfight, at the 7, 46, and 145-second marks.

Polyhedrug enables the Swap function at >1.5X difficulty (that is, at 1.8X).


Polyhedrug 0sec

When started.

Polyhedrug starts with four sides and a seemingly simple Level which merely provides pairs of obstacles, merging them together and sending them at you. Wrong! The obstacles actually come in the opposite order to their introduction, meaning you must first go through the zones which contained the first-appearing ones. Seems confusing for the first few runthroughs, but you'll quickly get used to it. Note that there are actually three patterns in this Level: the all-familiar one which puts alternating segments against each other, another which gives a single single safe segment before the wall comes in, and one which makes all but one segment safe before running every other wall.

The first section lasts for ten seconds. With each level up, the duration to the next increases by five seconds, and the number of sides increases by one. Of course, Polyhedrug gets faster as the game progresses, becoming extremely fast by the time it advances to eight sides. The increased number of sides obviously also increases the need for precision.

1X difficulty easily allows for players to react quickly enough to save themselves from death if they make a mistake, but 1.5X is not so lenient, in some cases forcefully ramming the second wave of patterns onto the player to practically jumpscare them. On higher multipliers, it is very difficult to score above 70 seconds.