Introduction to Swapping

Evotutorial introducing Swapping.

Pi Start

Swap enabled on Pi.

Swapping (also known simply as Swap) is a feature introduced in Open Hexagon V2.0. While enabled, the player will flash red, green, and orange rapidly. Pressing the swap button (Spacebar by default) will make the player instantly rotate 180 degrees, bringing the player to the opposite side. In both the Cube and Hypercube level packs, Swap will be enabled if the difficulty multiplier is set above a certain value (Commando being the sole exception to this). However, several levels in the Hypercube pack have Swapping enabled by default.

In certain Levels in Open Hexagon V1.92, swapping is feigned via Lua scripting, but still achieves a similar effect. Of course, it looks less natural and it is not official.